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Total Eclipse of the Heart

Some astrologists are calling this coming full moon lunar eclipse the Total Eclipse of the Heart, (I know you just started singing.....turn around bright eyes!! just can't help it right! haha).

But I can see why, so here's my twist on it. It happens on January 21st and falls in the sign of Leo. Leo is all about the heart energy, that fiery passionate loyal fun loving lion.

In the tarot its represented by the strength card courageous in leading the way especially with the heart.  sounds like a great time right???? sure if it wasn't a full moon total lunar eclipse that is about to rock you into the 5th dimension! 

Now since it is lets look at the negative traits of leo. When a Leo doesn't get their way...well now their dominating and sometimes very narcissistic nature comes out. They can have very strong ego's and do not like it when they're not the center of attention. That being said....lets show leo some love. 

Total lunar eclipse if the perfect time to eclipse anything out in your life that is not serving your highest good. lets start with the ego, because the ego loves to block love from the heart start filtering out any old thought patterns that made you feel you weren't deserving of unconditional love....remember the narcissistic nature, egos are built off them. Especially if your partner or parent is one "once upon a time there was light in my life, but now there's only love in the attention to the red flags! see this song is so working out.

Start detoxing the mental body, make a list of all the things negative you feel about yourself and see how far back to childhood they go and how they're still playing out in your life affecting you emotionally. now on a separate piece of paper write down the opposite of every negative thing you wrote, put that somewhere that will remind you everyday that you are amazing just the way you are. 

when the itty bitty shitty committee tries to sneak back in and tell you something different, Not today satan...not today! the list of negative stuff, burn that shit! ( in a tinfoil lined bowl either outside or near an open window, flush the ashes down the toilet and say goodbye forever).

Now you want to free the emotional body from all that clutter, stand up for your heart and protect it. Allow your voice to speak from it, you've kept quiet for too long, its time "every now and then I get a little bit terrified and then I see the look in your eyes", the eyes are the window of the soul...I see you, I see your depth and I see what you're capable of when you let your heart shine. Now see it in you. SEE AND FEEL IT WITHOUT JUDGEMENT!

Allow this full moon eclipse to set you free. Allow the process. And if it gets to overwhelming letting go, Remember...I see you!

Sending you all love and support on this eclipse may you have the courage and the strength to surrender to your heart and to claim your power back  xoxo

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