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Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Channeled message from the Divine Masculine:

He’s having a hard time getting out of his head and connecting back to the heart.

His soul feels lost and just wandering around aimlessly looking for some spark of light to guide him.

He’s feeling broken and torn inside. From past mistakes and past wounds he’s still harboring inside.

He’s longing to be free in all ways,,, body mind and soul.

He’s not seeing that all he has to do is use his courage to walk away From anything that kept him bound from moving forward.

from connecting to his heart and following his passions. From anything that kept him in the shadows blindfolded so he couldn’t see his light.

He’s feeling hopeless as his tower continues to crumble the word around him. He’s not seeing the gifts connected to all of this.

He needs the Divine Feline energy of courage and empowerment. Navigating him through this Leo season, he needs that one last push and remembrance of what the bigger picture is at hand right now.

Why his past happened the way it did. Why his cycles kept repeating over and over.

He needs to remember how to turn that pain into power. He needs to be stripped of the past as he moves into virgo season. Virgo is the virgin archetype. The feminine power within.

Virgo is the purifier and healer in the physical. His soul is longing for that purpose and with virgo he’ll be guided with analyzing and stargazing.

Universe will be guiding him as the old waves of energies move away and new waves of energy can come in. Like the ebb and flow of the tides.

He will be guided by his soul to also heal himself now of any illnesses and addictions. Its a time of surrender. So strength can be regained.

The virgin mother reminds him of the powerful gifts that lie within his heart. She reminds him how to to transform his pain into power, his wounds into gifts and his passion to drive him forward.

Divine Feminine needs to be strong in her heart and centered in unconditional love, as she holds the door open for him to feel that wave of love coming through reminding him that only love is real.

She becomes the compass for him to find his way back home. Her light guides and her heart leads.

As you Live deeper in the heart, the mirror becomes cleaner and cleaner ~ Rumi

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