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Aries New Moon - March 24, 2020

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. it's the starter sign, the front line warrior “ I AM” fearless and competitive sign. It's associated with masculine energy, the color red and element of fire. In the physical body it governs the head, face, upper jaw and lips.

Being well known as the God of War it's ready to burn down any obstacles and face any challenges of what's standing in the way. With this new moon it's time to utilize the Aries energy to go within and face our shadows - the inner demons we've been hiding in the closets or under the rug because of fears of facing them and fears around holding yourself accountable and responsible to stand up and make necessary changes.

I've worked with many clients who were afraid or just didn't know where to begin and some had no idea what the blocks in their life actually were until our session. Change can be scary even though we want it and know we deserve it. Reliving past trauma or certain situations can be painful as well. But what you don't realize is that holding on to those are even more painful and very destructive to not only your mental and emotional well being but also your physical, because if you've done any type of session or class with me you'd hear me talk about how it actually manifests as disease and illness in the physical body.

A big emotion I've noticed during this time rising up for people is shame. So let's start here.

Shame is brought on by trauma usually in childhood. It's a social emotion like shyness, guilt or pride. Shame affects the frontal lobe of the brain, leading to mental issues of self worth, self acceptance, depression, anxiety, anger and resentment. Physical issues in the pancreas and small intestine which are crucial to digestion and elimination. In a spiritual sense these are blocks to the Solar Plexus chakra which is your power center….following along now?

Aries New Moon is now the perfect time to go within and start cleaning out the clutter and baggage you've been harboring for so long. It’s time to declutter the mind, free the heart and heal the body. Look at this Quarantine time as a time for well deserved inner and outer spring cleaning!!! Journal, Meditate, Do some deep breathing, and don’t be “ashamed’ to ask for help! That's what facing it is all about and there is no shame in bettering your life mentally physically or emotionally.

Wishing you love and Blessings and Happy New Moon! Cheers to a Happy New You!

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