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Full Super Moon in Libra

Happy Astrological New Year!!!!   Aries fire is now in full effect leading the way! Burning that fire under everyone's ass to make those long overdue changes. There's so many positive things going on up in the cosmic fields right now to help with the inner and outer healing. Today is not only a Super Full Moon in the sign of  balance, but it's the Spring Equinox also bringing in balance!

Libra is all about the balance and justice in our lives, our relationships, and equilibrium structure. She is ruled by Venus - the planet of love... so lets focus this moon on where you are out of balance in love within yourself...Yes, the focus is on you!

If you are not in balance within then you will not be in a balanced relationship on the outside either... without.

This is not just in romantic relationships, but in all relationships in your life. Family, co-workers, friends etc.

Where is there an imbalance? Where do you feel injustice? Are you still feeling unheard, undervalued, unseen?

This is the time to get deep into these wounds and heal from the inside out. Take time tonight to reflect on the inner turmoil that is still lingering as toxins in the mental physical and emotional bodies.

Notice where you are longing for nurturing and compassion. See yourself through the eyes of innocence, through the eyes of your inner child..where your wounds first came into play.

Learn how to embrace yourself with all that love and energy that you have given away to others who didn't appreciate it or weren't open to receive it. 

Be still, Be in the moment, and Be open to receiving the parts of you that you've neglected in yourself. Shift your vibration to higher love and shine your light on those parts of you that you hid in the dark.

If you want to be seen, then don't be afraid to open your eyes. If you want to be heard, then don't be afraid to speak your truth. If you want to be loved unconditionally, then don't be afraid to let go of relationships built on conditions.

Codependent relationships only mirror what you are lacking within yourself. Remove those burdens and all expectations that you need to be or are supposed to be anything other than what you truly are...Perfectly Imperfect!

In order to become whole within you need to remove the toxic baggage weighing in your heart. Be fluid and balance out all those places in you that you feel weren't nurtured.

Go back to the zero point of conception and choose to rebirth yourself, to nurture yourself and to love yourself unconditionally.

This moon is powerful for manifesting a brand new you! 

Invest in are worth it!






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