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Embracing the Shadow

So many are confused by the title "SHADOW WORK" many turn away because it triggers a fear that creeps in,'re welcome! Because it is about fear, YOUR internal fears. The core wounds/inner demons that keep you disconnected from the heart and wisdom of your soul. In reality it is the most intimate healing one can go through. Which in truth is the real fear. Getting to know yourself on a level you've never known before.

You've worn so many masks that you don't know the REAL you. And those masks are what others have seen, known and judged you as. Feels suffocating doesn't it??

I've been working in the metaphysical world for over 10 years and in 2011 I decided I didn't want to do psychic readings anymore. I've never read with tarot or other tools, I connected straight to the soul. And could see the root of why the person was really there. And the deeper healing that was needed and necessary. This is what inner soul work is..

A souls inner journey to oneness wholeness and peace within.

Facing the shadow aspects of oneself to understand, accept, take responsibility for and heal all levels of trauma, addictive patterns, heartache and pain from all 4 lower body systems. Breaking down all veils of illusions that we took on as our truth from a wounded society.

Bringing us closer and closer to our own truth and our own divine light. Removing all karmic attachments and clearing ancestral lineage. Finding balance with our feminine/masculine energies. Learning the wisdom of the heart when ego is detached. Accepting that we are all deserving of unconditional love and most importantly...

Acknowledging that vulnerability is actually the biggest strength that we fear the most.

To start your inner journey into wholeness, you can book a counseling appointment with me under Alchemy of the Mind or an energy healing session under Resurrection of the Heart.

2019 its time to invest in YOU!!!

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