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Divine Masculine - Breaking Free

Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

In this article, I want to touch on what's going on with the masculine energies...but before we go any further please note that both men and woman carry and hold within themselves masculine and feminine energies!

We made a short YouTube clip on the divine masculine breaking free (our first video!!) and I want to elaborate a little more.

So what does this video mean? What exactly are they/we breaking free from? It's about breaking free from all truths and programs that are not yours. It's breaking free and liberating your heart and your souls truth with no outer attachments by removing the belief systems of others. We were taught that the masculine had to play a specific role and if he didn't then he wasn't "man" enough, he wasn't good enough, and he wasn't strong enough.

This programming is passed down generation after generation for lifetimes - causing so much internal damage, so many blocks in the heart, the mind, and in the connection to your own souls intuition. Personally I'm not impressed with the size of your bicep or your wallet...not that I'd turn down Jason Momoa..just saying! BUT what my I'm intrigued by, is the size of the muscle inside your chest..flex that proudly!

The masculine have suffered a lot of self sacrifice in order to "play" the role of what their family background belief systems were, religious beliefs, what their partners wanted from them.

The biggest gift of the masculine is their hearts, they want so much to be seen, to be heard, to be felt and to be nurtured...but fear if they reach that vulnerability they will be rejected, abandoned, and humiliated.

It's time for them to break out of the shackles and shine their hearts light, its time to voice your hearts truth and desires. Their hearts wisdom which is so deep and creative.

Embrace those parts of you, be fearless and proud of who you are, embrace your scars and battle wounds because you've learned so much along the journey in this lifetime.

Break the cycles, break the rules, and break the patterns.

Stop telling your siblings or sons to "man up", stop crying, and suck it up, get over it you're a boy....really??? OK so how's that working for you??? Do you want them to carry the same burdens and pain that you carry? OR do you want to see them be the best version of THEMSELVES not what society or old school programming wants them to be.

If someone needs to control how another acts or lives or what their beliefs are, that's not love. That's conditions. It's narcissistic manipulation.

I'll love you or accept you if you go along with what I want and say.

Do you want unconditional love or conditions around what you want to think love is....karma will keep circling around until you choose YOU. I'ts a choice.

If you choose to stay stuck and limited...then take responsibility for not growing in life, stop blaming others, pointing the fingers at everyone around you, because your world is falling apart.

It's time to drop the armor and the weapons, allow the internal fight to be over and choose YOU.

It's time, you are worthy....

Be Blessed

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