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Aries New Moon

New Moon in Aries ~ April 5th 2019. This is a very potent moon. We have both the sun and moon in Aries...lots of fire energy!

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. The archetype of the Sacred Warrior, the front lines! Energies of assertiveness and ready to seek challenges head on.. ruled by Mars, and ready for action.

Aries doesn't like bullshit or pettiness. Now is the perfect time for taking action to making changes in your own life. Being the true leader of your own life. That means dealing with YOURSELF. Yes, lets tear down that worn out ego you've been allowing to lead in this lifetime. A wounded ego doesn't serve the loyal heart.

Lets see how tough your ego really is! Sit with yourself during this moon cycle, like really sit with yourself. Where are you stuck in your life? Codependency?? and I don't mean just codependent on other people. Codependent on a bad habit, an addiction, on an emotion?

Time to really face it with this moon, maybe you've tried in the past but only got so far or didn't really have the strength and courage to push you through. Maybe you felt you were weak minded. If that's the case then you know that something or someone was in control of your mind...

The ego loves to play mind games and keep you stuck in the low vibration, its what feeds it, and its what feeds others. Time to get the ego in check and take control of your own mind just like Aries. Time to be the leader and the warrior now. The universe has been giving signs and synchronicity left and right to help you out. Your universal team has been guiding you out now of what no longer serves..but you have to work with them and show that you're ready and willing.

You have to take responsibility now and actually change things. Its easy for us to point the finger at another person, blame them for our actions, lifestyle, our lack of motivation, your addictions. So if you can point your finger, you can voice your anger and your victim mentality to blame another, then you obviously know that something or many things aren't right.. that things need to change and that if you don't start taking leadership in your own life then you'll keep replaying the same situations over and over in a karmic loop that allow.

Reflect on what inner wounds still need healing. It may seem uncomfortable, but its more painful holding on to toxic baggage. Most of the time you'll see the gifts and strengths that actually come from that wound. How could you help another from that experience? I've helped so many through my own life trauma's and wounds. So I choose to see them as blessings instead of playing the victim and the poor me. I'm grateful for the signs I receive and the guidance and support system of the universe. Stop being blind and chose to see.

The ego likes masks, it wears many. Time to burn them with the fires of Aries and the cleansing of the moon. Allow the moon the illuminate all that has been deceiving you. Thank it and give gratitude for the exposure so you can make the correct changes to move on and heal. Don't feed it with anger and reaction. Catch yourself and tame the inner beast. Deep breathes and let go. It will be so worth it, I promise you.

Love and blessings on this new moon!

~ Stacey

sorry for the late post (site difficulties) but this is something to be worked on until the summer solstice!

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