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Happy 4TH of July, New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse!

Happy 4th of July!!! What an exciting week this is!

Total Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Cancer...Talk about expansion.

Lets work with this new moon eclipse and 4th of july on a different level. The 4th of July is a federal holiday celebrated here in America as a declaration of Independence. Its about being free. The eclipses and moon cycles are about the same thing. Liberating yourself from all the old toxic baggage, old taught belief systems and people that are all weighing you down. Becoming unbound to lower vibrations that blocked your heart, your own beliefs, your own truth. Allow the energies of this cycle to just flow through you, start allowing the process of liberation and freedom.

Allow the fire works to go off in your heart, liberating it on all levels.

Cancer is the sign of the Mother, its about emotional warmth and nurturing. its also the 4th sign of the zodiac, so here we have another 4! 4 represents the strength and stability of the "home" foundation, from the physical body within to the outer foundation we live in. It represents the body mind spirit.

So lets allow these beautiful energies to work with us. Were are you putting everyone else first in your life? where are you draining all of your energy? Where is it getting you? How is it working for you.. or better yet against you. When you don't have self love within it reflects in the outside world. Our home environment, our structure, our base. what physical illnesses is your body trying to purge or get your attention with by keep returning. This energy is going to eclipse out what no longer serves your highest and best. Its going to expose truths to you that you settled to ignore. Its going to remove pain and suffering from the heart so you can open up to love so you're able to give and receive it in balance.

Changes are sometimes scary, but only because you choose to fear the unknown and you choose to fear letting go. But don't be to hard on yourself, you were programmed to learn how to live in fear, to believe you are less than, that life has to go a certain way or else... Start using the inner voice to tell you the truth, liberate your self, your heart and your mind. Release all the guilt, deception and betrayal from all manipulations, from all space and time. choose now to free yourself on all levels. start seeing the bigger picture, start believing there is more and you are capable of having more, believe you are worthy of it and that its not attached to pain suffering or struggle. The struggle is over, that was the past, learn from it, grow from it, and heal from it. nothing changes from being resistant. that just blocks everything from flowing in divine order.

Wishing you all a safe and happy transition

Love and Blessings!

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