Here am I, Yet Another Goodbye...

Ever since I was a little girl, I faced a lot of sadness and struggles with weight. I never understood why I couldn't 'lose weight' in the traditional ways like everyone else...working out, eating clean, eating to my macros...nothing seemed to shift my body in the way I would have expected for all the work I was putting into it.

I thankfully never struggled with an eating disorder, but, I still had a lot of sadness and frustration connected to my physical body.

Over the last 5 years, working with my own gifts for the first 2 years after my awakening, and then with my soul sister and business partner, Stacey Scott... I have been working to remove all pain, suffering, and loss from my body, mind, and soul from every lifetime. Like an onion, each layer that was removed would allow for more healing to take place, and my body would respond slowly...

But for some reason, I still felt like there were more blocks and barriers not only around my physical body, but within my mind. I know my soul's higher truth... and I know it's strong, dedicated, and loves fully.. but.. why was it that my mind and body sometimes resists my soul's wisdom, love, and journey?

This morning as I was connecting inward, I came to a realization that unlocked the truth about my whole journey thus far that brought me to DEEP tears.

I realized that my body and mind didn't fully TRUST my soul. This was because in each lifetime before this one, my soul had chosen a path of pain, suffering, lack, and loss in order to grow and heal on behalf of myself and my soul family. As a deep remembrance of this path, my body and mind put up walls and barriers to PROTECT me... hording and storing energy in case of catastrophe.... I wore fat and had mental OCD as a shield to prepare me for the same cycle... I looked outside for confirmation that life would be different this time, not fully FEELING (even though I knew) that it was now I look inside and fully surrender all of those burdens so my heart can open fully to trusting my soul and it's plan for this life.

My body and mind have loved me the whole time. It just didn't know any other way to show it, and instead of understanding it's way of communicating and healing... I tried to reject it... and force it to conform to traditional ways even though it was beyond traditional energetically.

My soul has been leading me to complete freedom, and now here I am.

So today, I say goodbye. I say goodbye to the past. I say goodbye to the old me for the last time. With tears of joy and surrender, I honor my path over the last 5 years. I can truly say I love myself in all aspects, and as my soul prepares for the next phase of this lifetime, I set myself free and wish for all brave souls out there that you find inspiration to take the leap of faith into YOUR Resurrection Process.

I wanted to share a quote from the book we are working on as a last touch from our heart to yours..

So now we look inside the soul, reviewing the past and working with a different perspective of how things will now be. Acknowledging the emotions that need healing and closure, and accepting that you are deserving of unconditional love.

If you are ready to heal pain, suffering, depression, anxiety, trauma, fear, and lack of self esteem, worth, and love FOR GOOD... please check out our upcoming workshop.

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