Trusting Enough to Open Your Heart

The divine intervention we are receiving now, and the overwhelming success of our progress into the light will give each of us the trust and courage we need to open the heart again.

It is impossible for us to fulfill our purpose and reason for being on Earth with a closed heart, yet, majority of people close their hearts with each painful experience. This has been the survival mechanism of the lower human ego. This is the aspect of our personality that functions out of fear. But when we truly understand the significance of our heart center, we will realize just how crucial it is for us to put forth the effort and take what feels like a frightening risk, in order to open the heart again!

In the beginning, prior to the "fall", we were very aware of the importance of the open heart center. We were connected with the realms of truth and knowledge in a way that prevented us from feeling fear or pain. At the time, we knew who we were. We knew we were multi-dimensional beings functioning consciously in all dimensions simultaneously.

Through our heart we communicated with the highest aspects of ourselves and all other aspects of our existence past, present, and future.

This luminous being is our reality in truth. It is ONE with the divine mind and heart of God/Source. We are eternally loved.

We are here once again and are being given an opportunity to learn and become, once again, a co-creator with the divine by becoming a Master of our energy, vibration, and consciousness through our own free will.

We must step into truth and remove what is blocking us from our own self mastery, growth, and love.

As without, so without. As above, so below!

Love and blessings <3

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