The Truth About Love

Reaching sacred union has been lost over many lifetimes of pain, suffering, programming, and manipulation. The body, mind, and soul has been manipulated by fear, attachment, and codependcy creating a false sense of “love”.

Sacred union is not about having control over someones heart and mind or forcing someone to do something to prove their commitment and love to you. Love is free.

True love is reached when you have balanced and cleared away the need for another so that you can become whole within and attract a relationship based in truth of the hearts calling.. a relationship that is mutually respectful and caring, full of love and built on the basis of a shared desire to be together.

Safe is the knowing that you don’t “need” your counterpart, but you choose them out of love.

Need and fear are intrinsically connected. Only when fear of rejection, abandonment, and being alone steps aside can love flow to its full potential.

This is is the inner and outer alchemy of the sacred union journey.

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