Expansion of Truth

Happy full moon and lunar eclipse!

This is an exciting time for those who have been going within for the last 4 years and beyond.

The karmic timelines are finally collapsing, supporting you and your expansion into new earth energy! Congratulations! The time is now!

For those who are still on their inner journey, you are not alone. There any many people being impacted by today's energy in a bigger way than ever. You are now being FORCED to see your own truth.

It is time to stop blaming others and outside situations for your own shit. Take a look inside and take ownership for your own identity and energy. The universe is supporting those doing so, but, this is more than just sitting around lighting candles and setting intentions.

This is about the internal YOU. This is about going inside your thoughts, your emotions, and your external situations and seeing the truth of your role in all of it.

The truth is often hard to face, but, without truth how are we ever going to reach expansion? Would you want to be lied to? So why are you lying to yourself? :(

Release this trickery in your energy field and expand all truth.

This will help you move forward in all areas in your life, and of course, we are always here to help you dig deeper! :)

Love & blessings

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