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Transformational Healing to Create Alchemy of the Heart & Soul

Turn Pain Into Power

Through the healing, teachings, and light code activations brought to you by Ancient Lemurian, Egyptian, Pleiadian, and Sirian light leader Stacey Scott.

Master of Ascension, Alchemist of the Heart, Healer of New Earth.


Stacey Scott

As a natural born psychic medium and multi dimensional healer, I specialize in the psychology and alchemy of the soul. I have traveled the path of the twin flame shamanic and cosmic journey within myself to help guide and teach others the way to wholeness, love, balance, and peace within.


My teaching and healings are based upon Ancient Egyptian Shamanism, Lemurian Cosmic Shamanism, and the Sophia Christ Light Codes - healing the shadows and aligning the higher vibrational light body, bringing the body, mind, and soul back into Divine alignment and natural organic state of well being.

Image by Marek Studzinski

When would I book Resurrection of the Heart (Energy Healing) or Resurrection of the Soul (Mediumship)?

If I am suffering from grief, loss, PTSD, addiction, anxiety, trauma, or depression. If I am looking to connect to a deceased loved one in hope of closure, messages, or healing.

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When would I book Alchemy of the Mind (Intuitive Counseling)?

If I am open to connecting to my higher self and learning the tools to heal from within in my own time. I am looking for deeper guidance in areas of my life.


I started my work with Stacey about 2 years ago because I was having chronic nerve pain and was not satisfied with my life. Over time my third eye opened, I accepted and came into my clairvoyance, I released a ton of pain, and I found out the truth of who I really am.

I lost my mom in 1981 to cancer. I was confused and heart broken and developed anxiety. I was introduced to Stacey in 2016 - she is intuitive, compassionate, and a modern day therapist that gives you the tools to help you heal your inner child to bring balance and harmony to your life.



Stacey's class helped me tremendously. I've learned how to self heal (I didn't realize how much inside healing I had to do from past trauma when I was a child and young adult) all my triggers. She is truly a wizard of her beautiful craft.

Stacey has changed my life with her beautiful gifts. I was lost in my own thoughts and my body was suffering physically inside from over eating, excessive smoking, and lack of self worth. I can now look in the mirror and truly love, honor, and forgive the woman staring back at me. 


Working with Daniela has been truly a blessing! I have worked with many healers before, but I have never felt more comfortable with anyone. She really spends the time with each person so they feel understood. If anyone is feeling doubt or having struggles, she is a miracle worker!


Stacey is unlike anyone I've ever met. She is pure hearted and compassionate in her work. Her mission is to really help people heal and ascend to the highest version of themselves. She assists you into stepping into your own power. There is nothing you can tell her that will not be met with healing, competence, and love. She sees straight through anything and everything right to the purity of your soul.




Boston, Massachusetts

United States


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